Nowadays, few areas of concern to business executives are changing as fast as the environmental arena. Consumers are more aware of environmental and sustainability issues than has probably ever been the case, and the trend line is still pointing upwards. Corporate brands are demanding ever more stringent sustainability programs and measures from their suppliers.

With climate change triggering actual damage to local communities, like floods, wildfires and droughts, and with social media aflush with emotional pictures of animal life enmeshed in floating plastic debris, consumers demand concrete action on the environmental and sustainability performance of brands and products.

A strong sustainability profile and strategy is no longer a nice to have; it’s a must have.

ecologIQ can help small and big brands and companies improving their profile and strategy. With a team holding solid experience from various businesses and industries, we understand the main principle underlying a feasible position on sustainability for a business: it needs to support business goals, not go against them. We also believe this to be possible.

Materiality assessment flowchart

Once we know the most important areas to focus on in developing the profile and strategy, we look at how the materiality can be combined with the strengths of the company or organisation. By this, we mean that most companies are already doing a lot to improve its environmental performance. The driver for improving this may lie in cost cutting, but quality action on environment is often in symphony with cutting cost and increasing sales. This is the sweet spot we are aiming for.

Based on this two-step analysis, we will help you formulate a sustainability position and strategy. The strategy will help your company significantly improve its sustainability performance, in a way which can be demonstrated by way of sustainability reporting. This will also enable the company to increase and improve its sustainability communication; both B2B and B2C.

We call it Smart Sustainability.


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